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Home » Purpose » Community Voices

Community Voices

Our partners and beneficiaries talk about how various PepsiCo's CSR initiatives changed their lives.

Exnora Zero Waste Management Program

Mangalam Subramaniam is the Vice Chairperson of Exnora, an environmental NGO that partners with PepsiCo India on its solid waste management programme.

Duration: 0:40 Seconds
Agriculture in partnership with pepsico

Sukhjeet Singh is a farmer in Punjab who works on PepsiCo's contract farming initiative. PepsiCo works with 15,000 contract farmers throughout the country.

Duration: 39 Seconds
CAP Foundation Livelihood Resource Centre

Nalini Gangadharan, Chairperson of CAPTEEN Foundation NGO that PepsiCo India partnered with to establish a Livelihood Resource Centre in the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami.

Duration: 1:04 Minute
Rural Water Mission, Mamandur,Tamil Nadu

The village Head of Mamandur talks about how a water tank, which was contributed by PepsiCo, has benefited the lives of village members.

Duration: 1:02 Minute
Drip Irrigation, T. Begur, Nelamangala Taluk, Karnataka

Ganga Hanumaiah talks about Drip Irrigation facilities provided, "Earlier we faced labour problems in our village. Because of this drip irrigation our expenditure towards labour has reduced."

Duration: 0:45 Minute
Onkarappa, Farmer from Chikmagalur District

I have been growing PepsiCo's Potato crop for last 4-5 years. Company people visit our fields and provide us with with good technology and information about chemicals…"

Duration: 1:44 Minute
Ranganath, Farmer from Chikmagalur District

"PepsiCo field officers visit our land and provide us information regarding the timely application of plant protection chemicals.…."

Duration: 0:50 Minute
Sidda Raju, farmer from T.Begur Village, Neelamangala Taluk, Karnataka

"Through the TERI–PepsiCo project, we have constructed an agricultural farm pond which collects 1, 40, 000 litres of water."

Duration: 1:01 Minute
T. Prasanna Kumar, T. Begur, Nelamangala Taluk, Karnataka

"TERI has sponsored and opened a knowledge centre and has also provided us with a Canon Camera and Computer"

Duration: 0:30 Minute
Kumar B., Member of Kari Thirmayi Swamy High School Development Committee.

"About 300 children are being educated in our school. Earlier, these children were faced with critical water problems.."

Duration: 1:10 Minute