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Home » Media » Press Releases » Kurkure breaks its new ad featuring Juhi Chawla in a new avatar!

Kurkure breaks its new ad featuring Juhi Chawla in a new avatar!

Kurkure Xtreme- Seriously Thoda Zyada

Experience a whole new taste of Kurkure this December that gives a trail blazing finish to the year 2007. To know what it is, catch the latest variant from Kurkure at your nearest grocery store and get a kick with the new Kurkure ‘Xtreme’! The limited edition variant has been launched in two intense flavors – the fiery ‘Risky Chilli’ and the tangy ‘Electric Nimbu’, which will surely tantalize your senses!

Specially developed with the youth in mind, Kurkure Xtreme is for those who are always game for a challenge and ready to indulge in extreme, exciting experiences for their sheer thrill.

Ms. Deepika Warrier Marketing Director, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd confirms, “The new Kurkure Xtreme flavors – Risky Chilli and Electric Nimbu are two extremely intense flavors that have been specially designed against the insight that consumers love full-on flavors, which push their limits and give them a sensory overload. With Xtreme, Kurkure offers a bold, new adventurous experience not just to its loyal consumers but also to the youth”.

The launch in-market is being supported by a television blitzkrieg. The TVC, first of its kind, is set against the colorful, vibrant and magnificent fortress town of Jodhpur (Rajashthan) where Nikki, played by Juhi and her quirky Kurkure family are on a vacation. The story captures, in true Kurkure humor style, the quintessential chase of the product. The commercial is a dramatization of the extreme lengths Nikki is willing to go to, to get her pack of Kurkure Xtreme.

This zany, youthy concept, has an equally zany punch-line- Seriously Thoda Zyada that makes for an interesting creative device, apt for both the product and the concept.

The Kurkure Xtreme commercial is directed by Director- Abhijit Chowdhari of Black Magic Motion Pictures. The TVC is on air currently and will also run across cinema halls. The other elements of the Media-mix include Radio campaign with an interesting use of the Seriously Thoda Zyada device, further supported by a heavy Outdoor campaign.

For further information please contact:

Annie Kishen
Director - Corporate Communication
Tel: 0124 - 2357077 / 2880606
Email: annie.kishen@intl.pepsico.com

Gitanjali Sabikhi
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9873700674
Email: gitanjali.sabikhi@bm.com

Mrinall Kanti Dey
GM - Corporate Communication PepsiCo India
Tel: 9818449509
Email: Mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com