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Home » Media » Press Releases » Watch Ranbir Kapoor get naughty with Pepsi ‘My Can’!

Watch Ranbir Kapoor get naughty with Pepsi 'My Can'!

New Delhi, 12 December 2008: Pepsi My Can- first the store- then his apartment- then the bedroom- then him- Ranbir Kapoor. Wait! What's happening!

Pepsi 'My Can' is back yet again with its second TVC featuring Ranbir Kapoor as he vies for his 'My Can' at the cost of anything!. The new Pepsi 'My Can' TVC is a sequential film comprising of two parts. The first part is slated to go on air this weekend.

Pepsi has always created disruptive and powerful communication platforms that excites its young consumers, enhances the brand experience and re-defines its engagement with youth. Taking this forward, is Pepsi 'My Can' second TVC, with its quintessential 'Pepsiness', is sure to tease youth's curiosity and keep viewers guessing thanks to its two sequential parts.

While, Part-1 of the 'My Can' TVC will be running on-air, Pepsi will simultaneously be running an online campaign on 'Youngistaan' website as well as Youtube to further its engagement with youth. Here consumers can give wings to their imagination by giving their own version on how the TVC will end.

The first 'My Can' TVC saw Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham getting upstaged by typical Pepsi youth, the second TVC will see Ranbir Kapoor vying for favourite 'My Can' like never before. The film opens in a modern trade store with Ranbir and another girl going for a 'My Can' from a refrigerator. Both of the grab the last 'My Can' at the same time and then begins the tussle for the 'My Can' as both of them are not willing to let go of it.

The tussle moves on from the store, to Ranbir's apartment, and finally his bedroom, while both of them assertively state their claim on the 'My Can' by repeatedly affirmation - 'My Can'.

Soon, to the girl's utter surprise and reason for shock – Ranbir, in an act of dare, takes his shirt off and mocks at the girl to let go. The girl complains on this act of Ranbir's but still refuses to let go of the can.….and that's where the TVC ends leaving the audience wondering…. Thinking, what's going to happen next???

So till then keep sipping Pepsi and watch this space for some more exciting action.

About Pepsi 'My Can'

In 2007 PepsiCo unveiled its stylish Pepsi 'My Can' – a unique packaging innovation that glorified the experience of drinking Pepsi in a whole new way. A cool, on-the-go option, 'My Can' has became a popular choice for today's young generation as it marries 'style' with 'convenience' and gives youngsters a platform to express themselves by reaching out to the 'individual' in each of them. An offering that represents the Nayi generation ka naya style, Pepsi 'My Can' has also been attractively priced at Rs.15/-.

For further details, please contact:

Annie Kishen
Director - Corporate Communications & CSR
PepsiCo India Holdings
Tel: 0124 - 2880606
Email: annie.kishen@intl.pepsico.com

Gitanjali Sabikhi
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9873700674
Email: Gitanjali.sabikhi@bm.com

Mrinall Kanti Dey
GM - Corporate Communication
PepsiCo India
Tel: 9818449509
Email: Mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com