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Home » Media » Press Releases » Gatorade launches ‘Gatorade Gurus’ - a first ever session in partnership with Mumbai Cricket Association

Gatorade launches 'Gatorade Gurus' - a first ever session in partnership with Mumbai Cricket Association

Mumbai: Wednesday, 31 October 2007: World's number 1 sports drink 'Gatorade' in association with Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), for the first time organized a workshop 'Gatorade Gurus' for top cricketing coaches, Ranji players, trainers and physios of the MCA at Brabourne Stadium. Renowned coach and Chief Administrative Officer of BCCI - Prof. Ratnakar Shetty was the Chief Guest of the occasion. The workshop emphasized on the importance of cricketing skills - fast bowling and the latest in batting, fitness and hydration as an enabler for active sportsmen.

The sessions for players and coaches was undertaken by -

  • MRF Fitness Expert - Mr. Ramji Srinivasan
  • Mumbai Ranji Team Coach and Former Indian Test cricketer - Mr. Pravin Amre
  • Gatorade Master Trainer - Ms. Nisha Verma

Prof. R. Shetty, Chief Administrative Officer of BCCI said, "This first ever session of Gatorade Gurus to kick off in partnership with the Mumbai Cricket Association, aims to define the latest in the science of sport by giving coaches and players the ability to derive every last advantage in a highly competitive game. With fitness and hydration playing a critical role in enhancing performance, we see this initiative as a natural fit to Gatorade's enduring commitment to the success of Indian cricket."

Cricketing Fitness Session by Mr. Ramji Srinivasan

Mr. Srinivasan opened with a session titled 'Cricketing Fitness: How to gain it & maintain it'. He also touched upon most common injuries experienced on the cricket field and how to prevent those.

He covered the principles of training (progressive overload, reversibility, recovery, specificity, individuality and variety), ideal training schedules, and tips for off-season, pre-season, in-season and post season. The second half of the season was on injuries in cricket, treatment principles and how to avoid injuries.

Mr. Pravin Amre's session

Mr. Amre took the attendees through a session on Latest in Batting Coaching and personal training/ coaching workshop with key Mumbai players. He covered the techniques of batting, skills and mental toughness.

'Hydration Science- a critical performance enabler on the field of Cricket' Session by Ms. Nisha Verma

Ms. Verma covered criticality of hydration (causes of de-hydration and effects on performance- fainting, cramps, poor hand-eye coordination, fatigue & poor post-recovery), how to maintain optimum hydration, ideal composition of a hydrating drink and why water is not enough.

The trainers at the workshop imparted effective and right kind of guidance required to become a good player- encapsulating the importance of necessary exercise, right amount of hydration, fast bowling tips, latest in batting coaching and physical fitness required by a player.

The coaches and players gave appositive response towards the Workshop and expressed tat it was very relevant and more of these sessions should be undertaken for the Indian team.

About Gatorade Gurus

The objective of 'Gatorade Gurus' is to bring the best in the fields of Cricketing Fitness, Skills and Hydration & Recovery protocols to key coaches, trainers, physios and players of the Indian cricketing associations.

Gatorade has consistently been the best hydration solution for sportspersons like cricketers nationally and internationally. A drink that has been scientifically formulated, Gatorade has access to 40 years of research in the field of sports medicine and hydration. With this expertise and knowledge, it has helped talented sportspersons better their performance when they are on the field of play.