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Home » Media » Press Releases » This Diwali “MUH KURKURE KARO” Frito-lay introduce festival pack of Kurkure for an exciting festival season



October 1st, 2009, New Delhi: "Muh Kurkure Karo" is set to be the new buzzword across the living rooms in the country this festival season. Frito-Lay India, PepsiCo's snack food arm in the country, has launched a new range of packs of Kurkure especially for the festival season, to be backed by an all-new multi-media campaign.

Attractively priced between Rs 51 and Rs 151, for packs at various grammages between 214 gm and 634 gm, the Kurkure gift packs would be available in all premium retail outlets across major towns in the country. In addition, Kurkure gift boxes can be purchased on-line for the first time this festive season.

To support the new launches, Frito-Lay is set to introduce two new TV Commercials (TVCs) as part of its multi-media campaign titles "Muh Kurkure Karo".

Announcing this here today, Ms Deepika Warrier, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India (Frito-Lay division) said "The festive season is all about gifting and sharing our joys. In keeping with this spirit of celebrations, we have introduced attractive gift packs of Kurkure, albeit with a Kurkure twist, which will offer great value to consumers. The entire initiative shall present a unique Kurkure perspective to the entire festive occasion, and is our endeavor to create fun-filled, Spicy Chatpati Diwali for Indian families. At Frito-Lay, our aim has always been to fulfill the needs of our consumers and connect with them through fun-filled experiences, and this is one of the initiatives in that direction."

The new TVCs featuring the highly-popular actor and brand ambassador of Kurkure Juhi Chawla, aim to bring the exuberance and excitement of festivals in a fun-filled Kurkure way. The core thought behind the new campaign is to present Kurkure as the anti-dote to an excessive dose of sweets. The TVCs are centered on the thought that excessive sweet consumption during the festive season could turn an average person excessively sweet, and how Kurkure is the true

anti-dote to this symptom. This unique take on Diwali celebrations is exhibited with two TVCs, in addition to a host of other multi-media creatives like Radio, Outdoor & print ads.

The first TVC centered on the celebration of Diwali, shows a stereotypical irritated neighbour behaving very sweetly with teenagers who have just shot a fire-cracker in his house. In yet another first, Kurkure brand ambassador Juhi Chawla plays a central male character for the first time (She plays a North Indian man) & brings to life this excessively sweet mannerism, the only anti-dote for which is Kurkure.

The second commercial shows Juhi as an average housewife, to a man who has just lost a lot of money in a game of cards. However, unlike a stereotypical wife, she does not seem perturbed one bit by this loss & is excessively sweet to her husband, being completely supportive & saying that they still have lots of jewellery, property, insurance etc…. another sign of an excessively sweet behaviour, the only anti-dote for which is Kurkure.

Ms Sonia Bhatnagar, Sr Vice President, JWT, said, "We have created a complete 360 degree campaign to involve and engage the TG by promoting the concept of "Muh Kurkure Karo". This integrated communication strategy will be rolled out to augment customer's experience of celebration this Diwali. It will be multi-media campaign involving television, print, radio, online, and outdoor activation."

For further details please contact:

Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager - Corporate Communications
PepsiCo India
Mob: 9818449509
Email: mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com

Sanjiv Singh / Amit Kumar
PREvent Management
Mobile : 9818430943 / 9871358001
Email: sanjiv@preventmanagement.com / amit@preventmanagement.com