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Home » Media » Press Releases » Kurkure Introduces Judwa

Kurkure introduces Judwa

For the first time in India, a unique product that promises to thrill the consumer's taste buds with two flavours in one pack!

New Delhi, September 19, 2011:India’s most popular namkeen brand Kurkure announced the launch of its new avatar Kurkure Judwa to roll out a double role of fiery flavours all packed in one to give you a taste that surprises you with every bite. On your next trip to your neighbourhood shop, you will not help but notice a crazy looking red and green pack sitting on the racks of your neighbourhood shopkeeper. On a closer look, you will gasp when you see Juhi Chawla in a double role never seen before!

Kurkure has done it again; a first of its kind innovation in India in its category, every bag is loaded with two collets that look alike but taste deliciously different...

The new Judwa pack will have the irresistible zing of Tirchhi Mirchi (Crazy Chilli) and tangy zest of Chulbuli Ambi (Raw Mango) in one pack. The product is a unique mix of two collets which look exactly the same but have different tastes to keep you curious and excited for more. Kurkure has always been at the forefront of product innovation and Judwa is an extension of that legacy.

At the occasion Nalin Sood, Director, Indian Category, said “The concept of Judwa or Twins have always held a special place in our lives – be it in real life or reel life. This unique innovation from Kurkure is all about giving consumers the fun of unpredictable flavours yet the assurance of great taste and quality from Kurkure. Like a Bollywood twin tale movie which the audience have loved for its surprises and quirkiness, Judwa too comes with the same punch. We are excited to surprise our consumers and reignite their affinity towards Kurkure."

Juhi Chawla, brand ambassador of Kurkure while launching Judwa said “In my entire Bollywood career I have never experienced enacting a double role but when I tasted a pack of Judwa it instantly met my second nature. I really enjoyed the surprise of not knowing what will come next”.

Juhi will appear in a judwa avatar for the very first time in the commercial of Judwa – which has her playing the role of the two flavours in her own unique tirchi and chulbuli way. The campaign will be launched across India through a 360 degree marketing mix across print, radio and online media.

The Judwa pack will be made available in two pack sizes of Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 for 50g and 110g respectively.

So, get ready for the surprise in every bite!

Additional notes on Kurkure:

Kurkure, which was fully developed in India as a great tasting ‘namkeen’ snack, has established a strong connect with consumers across India. It has been at the forefront of product and marketing innovation and has constantly re-invented itself to remain relevant to the Indian ethos and culture. All ingredients used in making Kurkure are trusted kitchen ingredients used daily in all households for preparation of various food items. Kurkure is made with trusted kitchen ingredients and is 100% vegetarian

Not only has Kurkure provided an inimitable taste and superior quality, it has brought fame and joy to many through its ‘Kurkure Chai-time-achievers’ face on pack initiative and ‘Kurkure Spend Time With Your Family’ program. In 2010, Kurkure launched an ingredient innovation with the launch of Kurkure made with Rajma, which was a big hit with consumers.

Media contacts:

Pradeep Wadhwa
Head, Corporate Communications
PepsiCo India Private Limited
+91 9810266667

Associate Partner
Tarmac Affairs
+91 9899961550