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Home » Media » Press Releases » Delhi winner family of 'Kurkure Chai Time Achievers' contest to feature in the new Kurkure commercial along side star brand ambassador - Juhi Chawla

Delhi winner family of 'Kurkure Chai Time Achievers' contest to feature in the new Kurkure commercial along side star brand ambassador - Juhi Chawla

New Delhi , September 12 2007: The popular flagship snack brand from PepsiCo India, is all set to re-write the rules of its masti bhara commercials with the “Kurkure Chai Time Achievers campaign! Kurkure is, for the first time, rolling out a new, unique TVC that celebrates the success of this ingenious marketing initiative. The TVC will see the winning Sridhar family from Delhi, appearing in the new Kurkure commercial along side the on-screen Kurkure family featuring star brand ambassador - Juhi Chawla.

Launched in May this year, the ‘Kurkure Chai Time Achievers’ campaign required consumers to participate in a contest and create tea-time snack recipes, using Kurkure. The reward for contest winners was significant – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get their photographs and recipes printed on the front of a million Kurkure packs.

Explains Ms. Deepika Warrier, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India Holdings (P) Ltd. (Frito Lay Division) “Our consumers tell us that they love experimenting with Kurkure and through this initiative, we are actively encouraging them to demonstrate their creativity and versatility. The Kurkure Chai Time Achievers initiative is unique as it has made our loyal consumers famous”.

With over 100,000 recipes received within 6 weeks of launch, the initiative has clearly captured the consumers’ imagination. Today there are over 25 winner families, each of whose photographs have been printed on 1 million Kurkure packs. The new TV commercial is a logical next step in this journey and has given one of the winner families an exclusive opportunity to star along with on screen family member - Juhi Chawla.

For the Sridhar family from Gurgaon (Haryana), it has been a dizzying climb to fame. Mrs Sridhar, whose winning ‘Kurkure Idli Munch’ recipe has won her family a million packs of fame, said, “Ever since our photos appeared on a million Kurkure packs across India, we started receiving many calls from our friends and family. And now we have got a chance to act in the Kurkure TV commercial with Juhi Chawla – it’s like a dream come true”.

This bold initiative, an unprecedented first in the Indian context, comes at a time when many brands are attempting to identify new ways of connecting with their consumers. By placing its consumer center stage, Kurkure has certainly defined some new rules of the game.

To know more about the campaign, visit www.kurkure.co.in

For further information please contact:

Madhura Kapse
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9899888172
Email: madhura.kapse@bm.com