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Home » Media » Press Releases » Pepsi Rocks the Youngistaani within you with its new TVC

Pepsi Rocks the Youngistaani within you with its new TVC

National, 14 August, 2008: Pepsi, the brand that stands for its youthfulness and irreverence, is introducing a new TVC. The TVC brings alive the Youngistaan attitude, self belief and "Can do spirit". It touches upon an existing youth insights and emphasizes that passion and a thirst for doing things is critical to be successful.

In the first half of 2008 Brand Pepsi introduced 2 TVCs that introduced the irreverent concept of 'Youngistaan', and its core philosophy -- "Chaho Toh Sab Kuch Hai Aasan. We also had the Dhoni IPL TVC which highlighted the same.

This new Youngistaan TVC emphasizes the need for passion and thirst for life to chase your dreams and be successful. The TVC brings the 'Youngistaani' spirit alive, it highlights youth aspirations and the Pepsi thought that passion, self-belief and thirst for success are key elements to be a true Youngistaani.

Ms. Punita Lal, Executive Director (Marketing), PepsiCo India, said, "'Youngistaan' mirrors the dreams and aspirations of the young, confident India. Through this new TVC, Pepsi as the youth's soulmate, fuels this thirst to dream big and follow their passion, empowering them to realize their dreams."

Innovative youth expressions have always been an integral part of Pepsi's campaigns, thus laying the inception of Pepsi's hottest campaign –'Youngistaan'-a term though coined by Pepsi but given deeper meaning by the youth. 'Youngistaan' brilliantly encapsulates the youth's attitude, self belief and the 'Can Do' spirit and brands this young confident generation. It celebrates Youthdom – which is all about a never failing attitude, desire to take on challenges and the power to turn things around. It mirrors their dreams and aspirations, speaks their language, and fulfills their desires.

Commenting on Pepsi's new 'Youngistaan' TVC, Mr. Sandeep Singh Arora, Executive Vice President - Marketing, Cola, PepsiCo India said, "As Pepsi, we are on the side of the youth of today and are encouraging them to pursue their passions and create the lives that they want to live. Being a youth ambassador, Pepsi will act as an enabler of youth's passions and give a rallying cry to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. We are positive that this TVC will connect with the youth like never before. "

According to Pepsi's brand ambassador-MS Dhoni, "Youngistaan' to me is the power to be in charge of my life, to make my decisions, a sense of self- belief and most importantly the hunger for success. This thought is highlighted in the new advertisement. It has been a great experience to be a part of this campaign."

Also seen in this Pepsi commercial for the first time ever, are the awesome foursome - MS Dhoni, Shreeshant , Rohit Sharma and Robin Uttapama.

The TVC is going on- air on 18th August 2008, and will have everyone saying 'Yeh Hai Youngistaan Meri Jaan'.

For further details, please contact:

Annie Kishen
Director - Corporate Communication
Tel: 0124 - 2357077 / 2880606
Email: annie.kishen@intl.pepsico.com

Gitanjali Sabikhi
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9873700674
Email: gitanjali.sabikhi@bm.com

Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager - Corporate Communications
PepsiCo India
Mob: +91 9818449509
Email: mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com