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Home » Media » Press Releases » PepsiCo's products are safe

PepsiCo's products are safe

  • Pepsi products are safe
  • Our products comply with most stringent Indian and international regulations, including the new regulations for carbonated soft drinks notified by the Health Ministry on July 15, 2004
  • On aggregating residue levels in each input which goes into soft drinks, our results indicate that we are consistently within the most stringent 0.5 ppb limit of total pesticide residue (EU water norms)
  • We are open to stricter regulations in the interest of consumer safety
  • While we are already working with the Government, we are open to also working with CSE and any other interested party to establish stricter science based standards on finished products. This provided there is an accurate, validated and agreed upon detection method to verify compliance

August 12, 2006: PepsiCo India's statement

In India and globally, we are deeply concerned about consumer safety and we are also open to stricter science based regulations. We follow one quality standard across the globe. Over the last few years in the interest of giving consumers further assurance of safety we have been working with international experts on the subject. The safety of our products results from carefully restricting, and testing for, pesticide residues in our ingredients, an approach endorsed by authoritative bodies that regulate agricultural residues around the world.

We analyze our water, our sugar and our flavorings in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Joint Parliamentary Committee. On analyzing each input which goes into soft drinks for pesticide residue and aggregating the same, our results indicate that we are consistently within the most stringent 0.5 ppb limit of total pesticide residue (EU water norms). We will continue discussing with the Government and with other interested parties to establish stricter science based, accurate, validated and agreed upon method to verify compliance in finished products.

We recognize that our results are very different from those reported by the Center for Science and Environment. While we believe in the science of our approach, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with CSE and any other interested party to discuss details of our methods and to gain a clearer understanding of theirs, to decide on a clear way forward in the interest of developing finished product standards for consumer safety.

Ultimately public health will be best served through very stringent standards that can be scientifically verified using proven and broadly accepted protocol. We will continue to work with Government and other parties toward that end. (In fact we have worked extensively with the Association of Official Analytical Chemists* (AOAC) International over the last three years to develop an accredited, internationally-recognized finished beverage analytical method that will very clearly prove the purity of our products.)

* AOAC has official observer status in Codes Alimentarius and its published methods are recognized at the highest level in the world and thus generally are the methods of choice by many governments around the world.