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Home » Media » Press Releases » Check out Pepsi’s cool and stylish ‘My Can’ that represents the Nayi generation ka naya style!

Check out Pepsi's cool and stylish 'My Can' that represents the Nayi generation ka naya style!

Power packed launch sees leading Bollywood stars and Pepsi brand ambassadors - Shahrukh Khan & John Abraham unveil Pepsi 'My Can'

Mumbai, August 07, 2007: Pepsi proudly unveiled its stylish new 'My Can' - a packaging innovation that both reflect the style of today's youth while giving them a platform to express themselves.

The power packed launch saw India's leading film stars and Pepsi Brand ambassadors - Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham, share the stage for the first time, to unveil the new Pepsi 'My Can'. A unique packaging innovation, the sleek new Pepsi 'My Can' reflects the style statement of today's youth and also gives them a platform to express themselves. This is the first time that Pepsi is re-defining its engagement levels with the youth to provide a whole new experience with the brand. The new Pepsi 'My Can' will offer the youth of today, a unique opportunity of seeing themselves on their favourite Pepsi pack! . In a unique consumer activation exercise, ten new faces from across the country will get to feature on the next edition of Pepsi 'My Can' as part of a nation wide consumer engagement program.

Cans have always been a style statement with the youth and the new 'My Can' glorifies the experience of drinking Pepsi in a whole new way. A cool, on-the-go option that represents the Nayi generation ka naya style, Pepsi 'My Can' will be available across India at an attractive price of Rs.15/- only.

"Pepsi 'My Can' reflects the youth's need to be different and to be heard. 'My Can' gives voice to their desire for self expression and is aimed at reaching out to the 'individual' in each one of us, said Ms. Punita Lal, Executive Director (Marketing), Pepsi Foods Pvt. Ltd.

She added, "It's a cool new pack and we are extremely excited about this launch. We believe that this pack will rewrite the rules for the category".

Pepsi has created many innovative and powerful communication platforms to create excitement for its young consumers. An iconic brand, Pepsi has always been the quintessential soul mate of the youth. It mirrors their dreams and aspirations, speaks their language and helps fulfill their desires. In today's day and age, it is indeed true that we all are actively choosing things that fit into our lives and help enhance our cool quotient. The Pepsi 'My Can' reiterates this need and fits our life in an amazing way.

"Pepsi always has a knack of knowing the pulse of the youth and this time too - it has not failed to surprise us! I am extremely excited to launch the new Pepsi 'My Can' as I personally believe in the power of self expression and positive attitude", said Shahrukh Khan, leading Bollywood film star and Pepsi brand ambassador.

Present at the occasion, Bollywood heartthrob & Pepsi brand ambassador John Abraham said, "I am privileged to be here to launch the cool new Pepsi 'My Can' with my fellow brand ambassador - Shahrukh Khan. I love its look and style and I am sure Pepsi fans will love it too!"

Both Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham will share screen space for the first time ever in the new television commercial of Pepsi 'My Can'. The TVC will be on air on the 15th of August 2007. The commercial shows both stars getting upstaged by the quintessential Pepsi youth, who represents the confidence and attitude of the new generation. The film opens in a café where both SRK and John are chatting with each other. Suddenly, a young boy walks in and spots them. He starts walking towards them purposefully, with a glint in his eye. Spotting him, SRK and John share a funny camaraderie on who should give the autograph first to the boy. As the boy reaches them, both of them smile and lean forward expectantly.

The boy makes a gesture to them saying "Zara Side Dena!" The dazzled stars move apart to reveal a Pepsi Vending Machine behind them. The boy assuredly walks towards the Vending Machine and gets his Pepsi 'My Can'. The Pepsi 'My Can' launch is a multi media campaign encompassing TV, Outdoor, Radio, Web & Wireless and a nationwide consumer engagement program.

The 'Me on My Can' consumer activation program seeks to offer the youth a unique opportunity to be on their favourite Pepsi pack. This massive all-India activity, centered around colleges and BPO's, is sure to get the youth vying to be on the next edition of Pepsi 'My Can'. As part of the activation, consumers will need to display their "cool" quotient by answering simple questions related to their world, lives, dreams and ambitions. 20 selected contestants will get to upload their videos on Pepsizone@Yahoo to drive a nationwide online polling. The top 10 winners will get to be the new faces of the special edition of Pepsi 'My Can'.