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Home » Media » Press Releases » Kurkure chai time achievers hits 1 lakh recipes!

Kurkure Chai Time Achievers Hits 1 lakh Recipes!

Features Winner in TV Commercial with Juhi

Kurkure, India’s much loved tea-time snack brand, is expected to launch a new campaign celebrating the success of “Kurkure Chai Time Achievers”, an innovative, never-before initiative that promises instant fame to its loyal consumers.

Launched in May this year, Kurkure’s bold new initiative, “Chai Time Achievers” promised to honor consumers who sent in winning Kurkure recipes, by printing their photographs and recipes on a million Kurkure packs! The company claims to have received an overwhelming response, with over 100,000 recipes pouring in, within just 6 weeks.

Commenting on the powerful program, Sucheta Govil, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India Holdings (P) Ltd (Frito-Lay Division), said: “ We launched “Kurkure Chai Time Achievers” to celebrate the creativity of our consumers and encourage them to use Kurkure in versatile ways, to transform their tea times and make them more exciting. To hit the 100,000 recipe mark so soon, has been truly overwhelming.”

For a brand holding out the reward of instant fame to its consumers, Kurkure has indeed delivered on its promise. Over 20 winner families and their recipes have already been featured on Kurkure packs, with many more packs being readied for roll-out across the country.

Encouraged by the fantastic response, the company is now rolling out a new marketing campaign featuring real winners, Mr and Mrs Sridhar, from New Delhi.

Mrs Sridhar’s winning recipe for Kurkure Idli Munch has brought her instant fame, by featuring her family on over a million Kurkure packs, available across the country. And now the Sridhar family will enjoy the unique distinction of starring in the next Kurkure television commercial along with Juhi Chawla. Says Mrs Sridhar, “I love experimenting with Kurkure and I entered this contest just for some fun. But it feels wonderful to have achieved the fame and recognition we have, ever since we got selected”.

Says Sucheta Govil, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India Holdings (P) Ltd (Frito-Lay Division), “ Through this initiative, we wanted to salute the real Kurkure consumer, by giving her pride of place on our most valuable asset – our Kurkure pack. I am happy and proud that the Sridhar family is part of our television commercial. Going forward, we expect to introduce many such Kurkure initiatives that help us build deeper bonds with our consumer”.

Commenting on the initiative, Juhi Chawla, long-time Kurkure brand ambassador had this to say,” I love the fact that Kurkure has always brought masti into its consumers lives. But this initiative is special because it recognizes that everyone likes being rewarded for their creativity and talent”.

Background Information:

Kurkure “Chai Time Achievers” encourages consumers to showcase their talent by creating various recipes with Kurkure. The reward for the winners is significant and a first time ever – the opportunity to get their photograph printed on a million Kurkure packs.

Uniquely, the consumers participating in “Kurkure Chai Time Achievers” will also have the option of ‘creating their families’ wherein any 4 adults (above the age of 12) could form their own family and participate in this initiative. “We are aware that many urban consumers live away from their families, and in those cases, their friends, office colleagues, building members take the place of their families. As a family brand, we have understood this trend and have logically extended this into "Kurkure Chai Time Achievers". Consumers have the choice of either sending their entries with their biological families, or by ‘creating their family’ with friends and colleagues and participate in the initiative” says Sucheta. This is an attempt to salute the real fans of Kurkure!

Recipes are being judged by Nita Mehta, renowned cook book author, who has thus far selected 15 winning Kurkure recipes. According to Nita Mehta, “Kurkure recipes are pouring in from across India, and I am delighted at both Kurkure’s versatility, as well as the creativity of the contestants. Experimenting with food is a growing trend in India and Kurkure consumers have applied their creativity in sending recipes as varied as Kurkure Cutlets, Kurkure Mexican Bean Burritos to Kurkure Bhel and Kurkure Dosa and all of them are not only great tasting but very convenient to prepare.

For further information please contact:

Madhura Kapse
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9899888172
Email: madhura.kapse@bm.com