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Home » Media » Press Releases » Lucky winners of Slice Promotion meet Bollywood sensation-Katrina Kaif in Hyderabad

Lucky winners of Slice Promotion meet Bollywood sensation-Katrina Kaif in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 02 August 2008- PepsiCo's popular mango juice drink brand – Slice has yet again juiced up the mango experience as it today provided mango lovers a unique opportunity to meet Bollywood's leading actress and Slice's first brand ambassador-Katrina Kaif in Hyderabad. Slice in its new avatar, today gave a special opportunity to 12 lucky consumers of the Slice 'Aamsutra' promotion to meet Katrina Kaif. This exciting consumer promotion was available on the purchase of two 1.2 Slice bottle across six modern trade chains-Food Bazaar, MORE, Food World, and Heritage Fresh only in Hyderabad.

Earlier this year, Slice was re-launched in a brand new avatar with its sensational new concept of 'Aamsutra' that promised to seduce mango lovers. The concept is all about the 'Art of experiencing pure mango pleasure' with the all-new Slice.

The all-new Slice has a great new taste, features a new look, and a disruptive new communication featuring the new face of Slice-Katrina Kaif. It introduced a brand new 3D logo carved from the mango that was extended to the new packaging. The brand new graphics comprise of cool labels featuring the new logo - etched in mango fruit. All packaging have the cool new tag line, aptly titled – "Absolutely Mangolicious

Commenting on the initiative, Homi Battiwalla, Vice President, Emerging Categories, PepsiCo India said, "Mango has been always been associated as a highly indulgent fruit and is known to be a favourite amongst fruit lovers. Therefore, for Slice, it was a natural progression to build its brand proposition on the plank of mango pleasure. The NEW Slice has managed to establish a strong connect with consumers, thanks to its great new taste, breakthrough packaging graphics and a communication idea propagated through the concept of Aamsutra. The Slice 'Aamsutra' promotion has enabled us to engage with our consumers and provide them an opportunity to meet their favourite star-Katrina Kaif. We will continue to excite our consumers from time to time with several such experiences.

Katrina Kaif, Slice's brand Ambassador, said, "With 'Aamsutra', Slice has carved a unique identity for itself amongst mango lovers. I think the new Slice is the finest tasting mango drink that I have ever had, and it is sure to give all mango lovers the ultimate mango pleasure. I am thrilled to see that the new Slice 'Aamsutra' commercial has been extremely well received by our audiences. As Slice's first brand ambassador it feels great interacting with the winners of the Slice 'Aamsutra' consumer promotion."

I have always loved mango drinks, but the new Slice is unbeatable in its taste. I am a great fan of Katrina as she is my favourite Bollywood actress. I would like to thank Slice for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with her." said one of the delighted winners who always aspired to meet Katrina Kaif.

The New Slice with its reformulated taste has scored extremely well in the key southern geographies and has generated positive response from our consumers providing them an uninhibited, pure mango pleasure. Slice was one of PepsiCo's high growth brands last year, and continues to grow at a good pace this year as well.

For further details, please contact:

Annie Kishen
Director - Corporate Communication
Tel: 0124 - 2357077 / 2880606
Email: annie.kishen@intl.pepsico.com

Gitanjali Sabikhi
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9873700674
Email: gitanjali.sabikhi@bm.com

Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager - Corporate Communications
PepsiCo India
Mob: +91 9818449509
Email: mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com