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Home » Media » Press Releases » Pepsi IPL the great Indian Catch

Dive Kabhi Toh Throw Kabhi!

Par Pepsi ‘The Great Indian Catch’... Oh Yes Abhi!

  • Pepsi’s launches ‘The Great Indian Catch’, an innovative game to engage consumers online using
  • using Facebook check-ins for the first time

  • The top scorers get a chance to watch Pepsi IPL matches from the Pepsi VIP Box

  • clip_image002.ashx

    New Delhi, May 14, 2013: This T20 season, Pepsi brought an unmatched experience to cricket fans in-stadia... it then enthralled them with Pepsi Tweet 20 on Twitter... now, it is time for the fans to be a part of a unique cricket experience on Facebook. Pepsi has launched a path-breaking new game called, ‘Pepsi IPL The Great Indian Catch’ that uses Facebook check-ins and Google Maps API, for the very first time in a social media campaign.

    To play this exciting and engaging strategy game, fans simply have to login through Facebook, allocate their friends as fielders across any locations on the map of India, which acts as the batting pitch. As the batsmen hit boundaries, users can strategically position fielders in order to save runs or take wickets, thereby earning points. Revolving around the spirit of ‘Oh Yes Abhi!’, users can bring alive the Pepsi IPL T20 experience right on their computer screens. The top scorers on the leaderboard get access to the Pepsi VIP Box, which gives fans the best seat in the stadium.

    Speaking about the latest innovation and Pepsi’s path-breaking digital activities, Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director – Marketing (Colas, Juices & Hydration), PepsiCo India, said, “Pepsi fans have enjoyed live cricket in-stadia, played it on Twitter and now we are taking forward our ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ philosophy to provide an action packed experience on Facebook! Our Pepsi IPL ‘The Great Indian Catch’ game involves strategy, building a team with friends and excitement through check-ins, allowing us to engage with cricket lovers on Facebook like never before. Our previous campaigns have achieved a great response and we look forward to engaging with Pepsi fans with newer experiences as we go along.”

    Designed by Digivaasi, a creative led digital agency, Pepsi IPL ‘The Great Indian Catch’ uses Facebook check-ins and Google Maps API to bring the excitement of cricket through map-pointing. The map of India is a pitch where batsmen are hitting shots, where each ball can be hit in any direction. The task is to ensure that these shots are stopped. A user can place fielders anywhere amongst 300+ cities, where each fielder has their own strengths and capabilities of being a catcher, a diver, a thrower, or a runner. Depending on where the ball hits each time, the user scores points for saving runs or taking wickets. The challenge is to place the fielders in strategic locations… Kyunki Catch Kahin Bhi Aa Sakta Hai! The game is open till May 16, where there will be six pools of two matches each during the contest period with a total of 12-matches. The top scorer of every pool will be eligible for the grand prize of watching Pepsi IPL matches from the exclusive Pepsi VIP Box.

    Prabhat Bhatnagar, Chief Creative Officer, Digivaasi, also commented, “India, in the past few years, has seen its digital audience evolve exponentially. They now look for newer, more intelligent forms of engagement and we, at digiVaasi, try to exceed their expectations. To our advantage, Pepsi is very open to innovation and looks to establish a connect with its consumers. We conceptualized Pepsi Tweet20 last year, and looking at the response and the kind of excitement generated around it, we thought of creating something interesting and engaging for the cricket crazy audience on Facebook this time. The Great Indian Catch puts to test, a person’s knowledge and skill at the most important part of the game- Fielding. One’s judgment becomes his biggest virtue for the game, hence adding the extra dash of thrill. ”

    To play the game, one can log on to http://tgic.pepsiohyesabhi.com/

    This new initiative will contribute to Pepsi India’s success in the social media space, especially during the ongoing Pepsi IPL tournament. Pepsi India’s Facebook page is currently the fastest growing Facebook page with over 1.1 million likes added during the Pepsi IPL, taking the number to 4.69 million. During the tournament, Pepsi has received more than 500,000+ mentions amounting to 93% share of voice in the social media space and topping the Buzz Index scores* across categories. On Twitter, @PepsiIndia added more than 24,000 followers, taking the total to 46,000 followers as on May 9, 2013. On YouTube, the brand added over 1 million views during the tournament. With a number of innovative and engaging initiatives, Pepsi fans are clearly winning this T20 extravaganza on-line.

    Visit www.pepsiohyesabhi.com for more information | Witness the fun @PepsiIndia on Twitter.

    *Source: Brand Buzz Index and Explic8

    About PepsiCo India:

    PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become one of the largest food and beverage businesses in India. PepsiCo India has been consistently investing in the country and has built an expansive beverage and snack food business supported by 38 beverage bottling plants and 3 food plants. PepsiCo India’s diverse portfolio includes iconic brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana 100%, Gatorade and Quaker. Within 2 decades, the company has been able to organically grow eight INR 1000 crore plus brands in India, which are household names trusted across the country.

    PepsiCo India is driven by its global commitment to sustainable growth, Performance with Purpose, which works on four planks of replenishing water, partnering with farmers, waste to wealth and healthy kids. In 2009, PepsiCo India achieved a significant milestone, by becoming the first business to achieve ‘Positive Water Balance’ in the beverage world, a fact verified by Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. The company has been Water Positive since then. For more information, please visit www.pepsicoindia.co.in

    For further information, please contact:

    Parakram Hazarika / Harpreeti Bassi / Ruchika Gupta                                                             Nitin Yadav

    Genesis Burson-Marsteller                                                                                                            PepsiCo India

    parakram.hazarika@bm.com / harpreeti.bassi@bm.com /                                                     nitin.yadav@pepsico.com

    ruchika.gupta@bm.com                                                                                                                  M: +91 9811278920

    M: +91-9711311668 / +91-9999380178 /+91-9873551248