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Home » Media » Press Releases » Tropicana Twister launches new flavour – Apple Rush.

Tropicana Twister launches new flavour – Apple Rush

Introduces new Returnable Glass Bottle packaging at Rs 12/-

New Delhi: May 13, 2008: In yet another innovation from the stable of PepsiCo India, refreshing fruit drink Tropicana Twister today announced the launch of its new flavour – Apple Rush. Priced at an amazingly affordable price of Rs 12 for a proprietary 250 ml bottle, the new flavour will be first available in select markets of southern and western India.

Fresh from its successful launch of the Orange Thrill flavour in a PET bottle early this year, Tropicana Twister is also introducing a new innovative packaging in the form of Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) in these markets from today onwards. The unique & attractive 250ml bottle is convenient to grip & priced at Rs. 12/- only. Tropicana Twister will be launched in this RGB pack in two widely preferred flavours: Orange Thrill & Apple Rush, thus offering more choice to the consumer. For the first time in India, a branded premium juice drink will be widely available in a variety of flavors, in a unique packaging & an attractive price.

According to Ms Sucheta Govil, VP - Innovation, PepsiCo India, "We had launched Tropicana Twister in orange flavour nationally early this year and the market response has been terrific. We are going a step forward by introducing another flavour, Apple Rush in the portfolio and at a price of Rs. 12/- which is attractive to the consumers in a never-before seen packaging. Now with two widely preferred flavors, Orange Thrill & Apple Rush in the portfolio, we are catering to a wide set of consumers with different taste preferences in fruit based refreshment. We have also understood the consumers' need for a refreshing juice drink when they are on the move and with this glass bottle packaging we aim to make juice drinks available in almost every outlet in the city. The unique glass bottle design is proprietary and delivers on a cool & easy-to-hold bottle need of the consumer. At an extremely attractive price point of Rs. 12/- and by ensuring wide availability of the pack, we are widening the choice to the consumers for quick & healthier refreshment on the move which they can buy with their pocket change.

While the PET & Tetra pack formats are growing at a fast rate, returnable glass bottles continue to contribute significantly to volumes because of the ability to find a bottle anywhere for on-the-go refreshment.

Tropicana Twister is also available in PET format nationally in orange flavor. The 350ml PET bottle is priced at Rs 22/- & 1.2L PET bottle is priced at Rs 70/.

PepsiCo India, nationally launched 'Tropicana Twister'- its international fruit drink brand early this year. The fruit drink is targeted at young adults seeking natural refreshment beverage options that also deliver on 'attitude quotient' and 'on-the-go convenience.' This refreshing offering is best explained by the brand's tagline – 'Toot Padega Fruit', which connotes the exciting rush of fruit-based refreshment offered by Tropicana Twister.