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Home » Media » Press Releases » Pepsi WOWs youngsters with its new thematic campaign 'Youngistaan ka WOW'


Pepsi WOWs youngsters with its new thematic campaign 'Youngistaan ka WOW'

New Delhi , 3rd Mar 2010: Pepsi has always been the youth’s soulmate, reflecting youth passions and giving voice to the youth’s point of view. The brand has always brought to life current youth sentiment. In 2008, Pepsi introduced the concept of Youngistaan. Within 2 years, Youngistaan has become a term that encapsulates today’s youth and is used all across to identify them.


The 2010 campaign of Pepsi celebrates the spirit of Youngistaan - the audacious self belief that the youth of today live their lives by. The confidence with which today's smart, young, spontaneous youngsters overcome obstacles or conventions that come in their way, and achieve what they want!

The new baseline -Youngistaan ka WOW really underlines the fact that today's Youngistaanis refresh and surprise the world with their new thoughts and smart acts, acts that just make the world around them go 'WOW'!

And while the youth of today create WOW with their mental s marts and confidence, Pepsi - the cola, creates WOW with its refreshment!

In reflection of the brand's journey to the new line, Mr Sandeep Singh Arora, Executive Vice President - Marketing, Cola, PepsiCo India said, "Pepsi has always been synonymous with youthfulness, a 'Can Do' attitude and 'In my own way' spirit. With the Youngistaan campaign Pepsi branded this young confident generation, celebrated their attitude, their achievements and gave them a rallying cry to go out and make things happen. Now with Youngistaan ka WOW, Pepsi aims to celebrate the audacious self-belief of the youth, the believe with which they are able to make things happen while doing things their own way.

In the words of Hari Krishnan, Vice President, JWT, "Youngistaan Ka WOW stands for two things: firstly, the refreshment and magic of Pepsi the cola, which makes Pepsi WOW and is the most loved cola for the youth. Secondly, the audacious self belief of the youth that helps them overcome obstacles/conventions and create a WOW."

As a part of this campaign, Pepsi is set to launch a new thematic TVC shortly. The Thematic TVC highlights the belief, the "WOW" of the Pepsi drinker. Shot in Los Angeles in United States, the TVC showcases Ranbir Kapoor as a confident Youngistaani. The film revolves around Ranbir's chase for a Pepsi, and how he uses his mental smarts to get the last Pepsi reserved for the President. What can be more audacious than getting the President's Pepsi, while being continuously watched by security cameras and guards!

Speaking of the experience and his take on the new line, Ranbir said, “Pepsi refreshes the Youth and the youth Wow the world. The two go together. For me Youngistaan ka Wow reflects what we see around us, the youth making things happen, achieving things their own way and on their own terms like “Sid” in the movie Wake up Sid."

The brand new communication will be supported by a high decibel ATL, digital campaign, with new engagement modules both online and on-ground.

For further details please contact:

Mr Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager - Corporate Communications
PepsiCo India
Tel: +919818449509
Email: mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com

Gitanjali Sabikhi
Genesis B- M
M obile: 9873700674
Email: gitanjali.sabikhi@bm.com

Poulastya Dutta
Genesis B-M
Mobile: 9999080006
Email: poulastya.dutta@bm.com