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Home » Media » Press Releases » Mirinda unveils its Summer Campaign for Tamil Nadu with Asin

Mirinda unveils its Summer Campaign for Tamil Nadu with Asin

Coimbatore, 23 February, 2009: Mirinda, the natural flavoured orange drink from PepsiCo, unveiled its marketing plans for the summer of 2009. The plans, focused on market of Tamil Nadu (TN), are being unveiled with the objective of strengthening Mirinda's dominance in the state. Mirinda, already a market leader with 60% share of the Orange CSD category, will have exclusive campaign for the Tamil audience. This is the first time that a Brand in the Beverages Category will have a campaign specific to the market of TN. Mirinda, a brand which has become synonymous with fun and craziness, will have two new television commercials (TVCs) starring reigning Superstar Asin for the summer season. The Summer Campaign has been made keeping in mind the consumer of TN – one of the largest Orange category markets. The TVC will have a new tagline - 'Mirinda Kannu, Konjam Galatta Pannu' & the new communication will be supported by proprietary new translucent packaging, also unveiled by Asin in a grand ceremony. The new campaign explores how one can manage to extract some fun and humour from otherwise normal, boring situations in everyday life.

The new campaign of Mirinda has been brought alive in the entire look and feel of the brand in 2009 starting from the communication and extending to the packaging. Speaking about this, Ms Alpana Titus, Executive Vice-President-Marketing, PepsiCo India, said, ''with this new creative expression, Mirinda urges consumers to get more spontaneous. Life would be so much more fun if we were all more spontaneous, carefree and unrestrained. We have attempted to incorporate this theme in all aspects of the brand communication, extending it to our packaging as well.''

Asin, who is the Mirinda Brand Ambassador for three years and heart-throb of Tollywood and Bollywood, stars in both the TVCs. The two TVC's perfectly capture the theme of irreverence and spontaneity associated with brand Mirinda.

Speaking on the occasion, Asin said, ''As always, it was great fun shooting for Mirinda. The new expression "Konjam Galatta Pannu" is a great way to remind people to rediscover the element of fun in themselves, in their lives. That little bit of crazy, infectious fun is all that is needed to lift your spirits and bring a momentary release from one's stresses."

The afternoon also saw some winners of Mirinda 'Galatta Pongal' contest that was initiated in TN in January this year. The winners got a lucky chance to meet with their favourite star Asin.

The new positioning 'Mirinda Kannu, Konjam Galatta Pannu' will be backed by a comprehensive 360 degree marketing plan comprising television, print, radio, outdoors, packaging and intensive on-ground activation at major youth hang outs to connect with the youth and bring alive the brand proposition.

About the TVC:

Mirinda has always had a great reach and connect with the consumers of TN. The objective was to connect with the consumer and empathize with him in his daily life. The concept of laughter and what tickles a person's funny bone is different for different regions. The creative team analyzed over many months about what tickles TN. The objective was to make them laugh and have that moment of madness, while trying to maintain the overall brand thought. We figured that 'galatta' is the most commonly used word which was a perfect fit to connote our thought to the consumers of TN. 'Galatta' is an important aspect of a normal consumers' life in TN. For Tamilians, having grown up watching Rajnikant, 'Galatta' comes very naturally and spontaneously. And the Tamil concept of 'Galatta' is very different from the rest of the country. The next logical step was to own Galatta and to make Mirinda more relevant than ever before by bringing it closer to the TN way of life. In the TVC we have used Asin an actress and not as a celebrity endorsing the product. We have tried to bring alive Galatta moments of TN life with her. Hence the entire concept of ''Mirinda Kannu, Konjam Galatta Pannu.,''

The television commercials are scheduled to go on air in the last week of Feb in TN and have been directed by celebrated ad film maker – Rajesh Krishnan. The talented team behind these films comprises of Shiv Parameswaran - Creative Director and Arjun Kumar - Senior Copywriter from JWT.

For further details, please contact:

Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager - Corporate Communication
PepsiCo India Holdings
Tel: 9818449509
Email: Mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com

Masscom PR
Mobile: +91 90039 30711
Email: masscompr@airtelmail.in

Genesis B-M
Aanchal Chachra
Mobile: +91 98990 43917
Email: aanchal.chachra@bm.com

Maitreyee Goswami
Mobile: +91 98912 52905
Email: maitreyee.goswami@bm.com