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Home » Media » Press Releases » 7UP's new thematic campaign 'BHEJA FRY, 7UP TRY' promises mind & mood refreshment

7UP's new thematic campaign 'BHEJA FRY, 7UP TRY' promises mind & mood refreshment

7UP- a solution to 'BHEJA FRY’ situations

New Delhi, 18 February, 2008:The natural lemon and lime flavour 7UP has just gone on air with its new thematic campaign 'BHEJA FRY, 7UP TRY’ . The new campaign is based on a simple insight that in young people’ s life many things happen which leave them irritated, stressed, fatigued and pull them down physically and mentally. In such situations, the natural lemon and lime flavour of 7UP refreshes them and uplifts their exhausted physical and mental state bringing them back into the zone of excitement & good cheer.

“Bheja Fry” is the youth’ s expression for that fatigued, irritated state of mind and is very much a part of today’ s youth lingo. The brand is attempting to touch upon the emotional cord of today’ s youth by talking to them in their language and being present in the situations that they empathize with. There are numerous things that “Bheja Fry” the youngsters today ranging from exams & boring lectures to bad traffic situations etc. To connect with the youth at these points of 'Bheja Fry’ , the brand’ s campaign will attempt to put messages customized to situations in various out of home media.

7UP as a brand stands for all that is fun, free spirited, cool and exciting. 7UP’ s new 'BHEJA FRY, 7UP TRY’ campaign is a great brand proposition as it enables the brand to connect with the youth and their daily experiences. Through 7UP’ s natural, crispy and lemony taste the brand aims to offer mind & mood refreshment and uplifts them from their everyday irritants.

The new campaign 'BHEJA FRY, 7UP TRY’ will be backed by a comprehensive 360 degree marketing plan comprising television, print, radio, outdoors, web activation with consumer generated content and intensive on-ground activation at major youth hang outs to connect with the youth and bring alive the brand proposition. The brand will support the campaign in 'BHEJA FRY' places such as high traffic zones, youth hang outs and college campuses with messages customised for these contexts.

About the TVC

The TVC shows a sequence of events that leads a young guy into a stressed frame of mind and how 7UP brings him back into a refreshed mental state feeling light and enjoying the same situation. The protagonist is pushed into a crowded train and somebody asks him to move his foot. As the guy tries to move ahead, he is pushed from behind and he collides with an old man reading newspaper. The old man angrily shouts at him. Finally, when he manages to find a suitable place to stand, he shrieks out in pain as a lady wearing stiletto steps on his foot. By this time he has completely lost it. His Bheja is completely fried. Suddenly a bacon vendor comes and offers him a 7UP. The natural lemon & lime flavour of 7UP refreshes him. As he is enjoying his 7UP, a dabbawala carrying a crate of dabbas on his head comes. The guy notices him with the corner of his eye and dodges the dabba crate as it is about to hit him. He does it in complete style while enjoying his 7UP. Relaxed, he turns the page of the newspaper that the same old man is reading, and asks him if he could see the sports page.

The TVC has been created by ad agency – BBDO India and it is their first project for brand 7UP since the agency has come on board. The film is directed by Amit Sharma from Chrome Films and is shot in Mumbai.

For further details, please contact:

Annie Kishen
Director - Corporate Communication
Tel: 0124 - 2357077 / 2880606
Email: annie.kishen@intl.pepsico.com

Aanchal Chachra / Archana Mohan
Genesis Burson - Marsteller
Mobile: 98990 43917 / 98997 36857
Email: aanchal.chachra@bm.com | archana.mohan@bm.com

Mrinall Kanti Dey
General Manager- Corporate Communication
PepsiCo India Holdings
Mobile: 9818449509
Email: mrinall.dey@intl.pepsico.com