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Home » Media » Press Releases » Golden Mango Offer - Mango Slice Gives You A Chance To Win ½ Kg Gold Mango

Golden Mango Offer

Mango Slice Gives You a Chance to Win ½ Kg Gold Mango


New Delhi, February 12th, 2013: We love perfect, golden-ripe mangoes for their sinful taste. But who would have thought that a mango drink can win us mangoes made of real gold!! Puzzled? Then here’s the answer. Slice, the mango drink from PepsiCo, has a special surprise in store for its consumers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh. In an unprecedented month-long consumer program, Slice will give consumers a chance to win mangoes made of real gold. Starting Feb 15, 2013 every day, four lucky consumers will stand to win Gold Mangoes of 5g each. On Mar 16, the Grand Prize of a ½ Kg gold mango will be announced. Over the 4 weeks, gold worth a whopping 36 Lac Rupees will be won by consumers.

Every Slice crown/label has a unique code. All you have to do is to SMS the code to the given mobile number, and if you’re lucky, you could win the Gold Mangoes!

Known for its disruptive and visually arresting advertising, the brand has shot a beautiful ad film in Karaikudi, in the heart of Tamil Nadu. The ad is directed by ace cinematographer and famed film director, Rajiv Menon. Shot in a beautiful heritage property, the ad captures magnificently the universal human search for everything that we love, treasure and hold close to our hearts … like mangoes and gold.

Homi Battiwalla, EVP - Cola, Hydration and Juice-Juice Drinks, PepsiCo India said, “Slice is all about mango indulgence that is bottled in every single pack. The intent of this unique consumer program is to really elevate the consumer experience. Through a simple code on the crown/ label, consumers get an opportunity to win unique gold mangoes every single day and a special ½ kg gold mango at the end of the program. That’s irresistible excitement for all consumers! We have focused extensively on creating a South-centric communication package that connects with and engages our fans. Mango Slice continues to enjoy strong growth in the juice and juice based drinks category. We are confident this program will surprise and delight our consumers, and further drive consumption,” he added.

The promotion starts on Friday, February 15 and will go on till March 15, in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh. Consumers simply have to look under the crown/ label of a Slice pack (glass bottles/ 500ml PET and 1.2 ltr PET) and SMS the unique code given there, to the program number. Four lucky winners everyday will get to win Gold Mangoes of 5g each. At the end of the program, one lucky winner will win the Grand Prize of ½ Kg Gold Mango.

Log on to http://www.facebook.com/sliceaamsutra for Terms & Conditions, and updates.

For further information, please contact:

Sashee                                                                                                     Nitin Yadav

Tarmac Affairs                                                                                         PepsiCo India

+ 91 99104 09494                                                                                 +91 9811278920

sashee@tarmacaffairs.com                                                                nitin.yadav@pepsico.com