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Home » Media » Press Releases » EXNORA-PepsiCo Zero Waste Management Project in Nagapattinam

EXNORA-PepsiCo Zero Waste Management Project in Nagapattinam

Unique Corporate – NGO – Government partnership between PepsiCo India, EXNORA International and Nagapattinam Corporation Project funded by PepsiCo India

Nagapattinam, February 9, 2007: District Collector of Nagapattinam, Mr. Jawahar, today inaugurated the EXNORA-PepsiCo India’s Zero Waste Management Project in Nagapattinam. The first phase of the project currently covers 2,500 houses in three wards of Nagapattinam town.

The EXNORA-PepsiCo India’s Zero Waste Management (ZWM) Programme is a unique partnership in the Corporate-NGO-Government–People sphere where all the partners are actively involved; the programme complies with the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules of 2000 and is part of efforts to rehabilitate the areas affected by the tsunami.

The Zero Waste Management programme in Nagapattinam is a continuation of PepsiCo India’s and Exnora International’s partnership towards managing domestic solid waste in an environmentally friendly manner. The programme was initiated and implemented in Pammal Municipal Corporation, Kancheepuram District, in 2005. Subsequently, PepsiCo Foundation conributed Rs 46 lakhs (forty six lakhs) to EXNORA International as initial capital to extend the programme to the districts of Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and Tenkasi in December, 2005 following the successful implementation in Pammal.

The Zero Waste Management programme is one of the several initiatives that PepsiCo India has undertaken to rehabilitate the people in the tsunami affected area. Other initiatives include a livelihood resource center, established in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, that provides you with training in sectors such as hospitality, automobile repair, IT and refrigeration. PepsiCo is also involved ina a seaweed cultivation initiative in the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu which provides sustainable livelihoods to women’s self help groups.

Project implementation process

The objective - to evolve a garbage free Nagapattinam.
Three wards selected as model wards for the implementation of the programme.
Collection of garbage from approx 2,500 households in the three wards.
Continuous door-to-door campaigns, awareness rallies and street plays organized to motivate people, to ensure source segregation of garbage as organic and inorganic.
Organic waste is converted into vermi compost using earthworms.
Inorganic waste is sorted out into different categories and recycled.
Inorganic waste, which cannot be recycled, sent for Municipal sanitary refill.
This project is unique in demonstrating several options for micro enterprises such as PET bottle recycling units, waste paper recycling units, tetra pack recycling units etc., for which garbage forms the raw material.