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Home » Media » Press Releases » 7UP brings STR to your home this Pongal!

7UP brings STR to your home this Pongal!

7UP announces the Big Pack Promo contest in Tamil Nadu

Link to the TVC:

20 sec promo –

45 sec thematic-

Lay’s Fresher 45sec TVC

Chennai, January 8, 2014: Starting this New Year on an UPtimistic note, 7UP the natural lemon flavored drink, is betting big on in-home consumption to create a stronger connect for their consumers with their families. The brand is using its celebrity ambassadors to create delight for consumers and has announced the launch of the 'Big Pack Promo' to encourage families to come together and have fun at home. In-line with the brand’s philosophy of 'I Feel UP', 7UP will give consumers a chance to host their favourite film star- STR to celebrate with their family in 7UP’s UPtimistic style this festive season.

How to participate:

  • Collect 2 labels of 7UP big packs
  • Can result up to 20% increase in potato yield
  • SMS ‘7UPIFEELUP’ to 08800707070*
  • A randomised draw will choose 3
    winners from TN who will get a
    chance to welcome STR to their

Kick-starting the New Year, the insight behind this campaign is to drive consumers to bond with their family at home and drive in-home consumption. The campaign will be supported with a television commercial featuring the 7UP brand ambassador STR where we see an elderly couple enjoy 7UP with their family and then break into a dance move from their younger days, leaving the rest of the family surprised to see this side of their parents.

Commenting on the campaign, Ruchira Jaitly, Category Director-Flavours at PepsiCo India, said, "We are thrilled to start the new year with this 7UP Campaign which is all about encouraging consumers to spend time with their family and even get their favourite film star home to make the moment extra special as festive time. In today’s fast paced world where people rarely find time for themselves, our campaign is all about creating memorable moments with family in this new year. This new campaign continues the philosophy of ‘Manam Soluthey I Feel UP’ as quality time with family is a universally acknowledged as a way to make you happy and UPtimistic. On this note I wish you all a memorable and Happy New Year with you and your family."

Super-star and 7UP brand ambassador STR said, "I am blessed with a big family comprising of my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces and I love each one of them. Given the nature of profession that I am in, I do not get to spend as much time with them as I’d like to but I treasure every moment I get with them. 7UP is now giving each one of you a chance to spend some quality time with your family to cherish and I am excited to be an integral part of this ideology. The memories and moments spent with family are invaluable and I urge people to spend time and bond with each other at home as well.

Conceptualised by 7UP’s creative partner, BBDO, the ad film highlights the brands ideology of ‘dance’ and says that one does not need a reason or a season to dance, but just follow what your heart says. Apart from the exciting TVC and on-ground activation, the campaign will be supported by robust outdoor, online and radio initiatives. For more details and other exciting content, log on to *http://www.7up.in/hpp.