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Home » Brands » Duke's

Duke's Get Product Details


Duke’s Legacy

Founded in 1889 by Dinshwaji Pandole, Duke’s is a brand that is seeped in Mumbai’s rich history. It was in many ways the country’s first aerated soft drink and a pioneer on many fronts. Many a generations have grown up enjoying the refreshing taste of Duke’s. Thus when PepsiCo India brought this brand in 1994, it also inherited Duke’s rich Mumbai legacy. While the Lemonade flavour has refreshed the consumers ever since, in September 2011 some more flavours of Duke’s , the delicious Raspberry and the sugary sweet Ice-cream soda were relaunched. And with it was launched Duke’s Masala Soda, with its strong local flavour that has the consumers wanting for more..

Duke’s – Refreshing Mumbai!!

Just a year into its re-launch Duke’s is being loved by all Mumbaikars. While the old drink is for nostalgia, the young are attracted to the unique flavours that Duke’s offers. Be it morning, after meal or in the evening breeze Duke’s flavours refresh you every time. As Duke’s consumers say Duke’s is an ‘Anytime Drink’!!! The sweet Raspberry loved by the Parsi community in Mumbai is getting many new connoisseurs. The Mumbai Masala Soda appeals to all with a very unique Indian taste. What’s more the new party mixers launched under the Duke’s name have taken the young in city by storm. No party is complete without the Classic Mojito or the Exotic Blue Lagoon!!!

Brand Facts

  • Founded in 1889 by Dinshwaji Pandole a Parsi gentleman
  • Bought by PepsiCo in 1994
  • Relaunched in 2011
Duke's - Nutritional Facts & Ingredient Details
  • Duke's Soda
    Per 100ml
    Energy kcal 0
    Total Carbohydrate g 0
    Of which Sugars g 0
    Total Fat g 0
    Saturated Fat g 0
    Trans Fat g 0
    Protein g 0
    • Purified water
    • Carbon Dioxide
  • Duke’s Lemonade
    Per 100ml
    Energy kcal 46
    Total Carbohydrate g 11.5
    of which Sugars* g 12.1
    Protein g 0
    Total Fat g 0
    Saturated Fat g 0
    Trans Fat g 0

    * Total Sugars

    • Carbonated water
    • Sugar (11%)
    • Acidity regulators (330, 331)
    • Preservative (202)
    • Stabilizer (445)
    • Antioxidant (300)